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Spekula Enema Pic Gallery


Spekula enema picture gallery with a nice sampling of great enema, bondage, sex, fetish pictures. Cum enjoy this free enema gallery and more!

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Colon fetish countryside clinic


A private enema fetish clinic located in U.K. run by the Matron. Specializing in enemas, electro stimulation techniques, as well as standard beauty and spa needs.

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New Enema Photo Gallery


I just finished an erotic enema picture gallery.

Milk Enema Insertion

Some really nice photos like the one above with milk enemas. All the pictures are also themed with bondage and punishment, all involving electricity. Every gallery is from Wired Pussy , promoting erotic electrical play at it"s finest. So, if your a enema punishment lover, or you love the idea of ‘charged’ enemas you really enjoy these photos. . . . . . Read More

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Enema Story


Enema story about a man’s first encounter with his neighbor who is a nurse a the local hospital. An erotic enema story that he will never forget!

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