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Enema clinic anyone? If your in the U.K. or planning on visiting anytime soon I just came across an interesting site known as the Colonic Clinic . At first I thought it may be to bland for my enema fetish appetite (all health no erotica). . .although the tag line caught my eye ‘A very private cottage clinic for gentleman’s fantasies and fetishes’. Fantasy and fetish mixed with enemas, mix in sex and I’d never leave. . .

Colonic Clinic Enema Pictures

The facility is run by Matron and located deep within the United Kingdom countryside. The pictures I included are of the facilities on the premises. For a more detailed review click here . The property looks awesome and the facilities and descriptions appear top notch, although I can’t say for sure without a personal visit. I’d really love it if one of my readers will comment with their detailed experiences shared (especially in regards to enemas). Also beyond enemas there is mentions of other fetish and fantasy treatments such as electro stimulation which if your like my recent enema gallery , or my enema punishment post , you may be really excited.

Finally there was some touching on the medical fetish that often comes along with enemas, so you may find that to be of interest as well. For more info you can grab it directly through my previous links or through the banner I’m posting below.

Colonic Clinic Banner



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On October 16th, 2008 at 1:00 am, Liz said:

This sound like a dream…..

On February 3rd, 2009 at 8:15 pm, albert said:

ho bisogno cure a base di enema per una settimana. Quanto costa trattamento completo’ GRAZIE!

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