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Let’s get things started here at Enema Sex Fetish with my first look at a site that I stumbled across recently. Dr. Tushy is a site focusing on general medical fetish including rectal examines, strip searches, spankings, gyno exams and of course enemas. This site is quite unique in that it is the first one I have found which updates regularly, once a week. Although, I will note 1 week seems to be missing in April, but I’ll let that slide.

Lesbian Nurse Rectal Thermometer

Dr. Tushy also offers a number of great options including downloadable content and multiple highly secure payment options. Now onto the real goods the content. The girls are quite attractive, and this was the major allure to the site originally. On the front page I saw scenes from a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. Plus I noted a wide variety of skin types from pasty white to ethnic bronze. All scenes are developed inside the Dr. office, and role playing fun seems to be the healthy diagnosis.
Of course as always interpretations are subjective and so I leave a little taste of the content for your sampling. . . nice lesbian nurse gallery , and their most recent video update .

Finally I want to touch on some of the drawbacks I noted. First there is no free content of enemas on the sites resources page. I scanned them pretty well and found only a few notables. The niche seems much more inline with medical examinations and rectal thermometers than enemas or enema sex. Also the site does not offer multiple pass content. There are a number of other great sites on the tushy network including. . .Caged Tushy , and Tushy Massage , although each is completely separate. Ultimately, I don’t have a pass to the network, and am relying on someone to post a comment with a bit more details on the interior of the site. How much enema content, the quality of the videos, the value of the site in grand scheme of enema movies and pictures, etc. If you have any views or suggestions post them here.



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