Enema Bound


Enema Fetish enthusiasts will be happy with this post! I found a porno site completely devoted to enemas! Its got enema sex, lesbians, group enemas, blowjobs, and more. Check out these movie clips. .
Enema Porn Lesbians Giving Enemas Poolside

Two hot lesbians giving each other enemas. . . is anyone excited yet?

Now Enema Bound claims. . . ‘Welcome to only serious website today, dedicated to Enema fetish.’ Well, in my opinion this is semi true. I am yet to find another pay website devoted to solely to the enema fetish. I have found some aggregate sites that have some enema pictures The read more link is broken Click Here to Read More like Dr. Tushy, and some that offer strictlyenema sex (although only with video on demand), but this is the first one that offers a pay website completely devoted to enemas.

So I started to search deeper into the site and noticed quite a bit of good enema action. I found a lot of lesbian enema sex. Check out this video. Three hot lesbians start teasing each other with the enema tube rubbing it around their stiff erect nipples. Then one bends over and they lube up her ass fucking her ass gently with the tube as the start to let the fluid seep into her anal cavity irrigating her canal. The blonde then spreads apart the ass cheeks apart and spanks her tushy, as she yells out ‘God, I can’t take it!’ A healthy colonic masterpiece of hot steamy erotic action to say the least.

After a nice little anal tease, let’s talk turkey. How much? Well I gotta say they offer a good deal. Just like most paysites they start at $29.90 per month, although unlike a lot of other paysites that price comes down a lot if you buy a large time period, only $89.90 for the year. I always think in per diem scale, and think that for less than a quarter a day you can’t go wrong. I spend more daily on coffee and bottled water, . . . sad but true. Also they have a selection of 26 sites you can add on for $10 bucks more total. With sites like Hot Latex World, and Kpeeing, a fetish enthusiast is in heaven. Read all the details here.

Any setbacks you ask? Well the only knock I noticed was some of the material was a bit out of date, however in the enema fetish game, that is true with a lot of the content I cum across. Also, I always want more, particularly in the pictures realm, although at the end of the day the price is fair for the amount in my opinion.



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