Enema Story


Enemas stories have been the hardest thing for me to give to you. First of all I’m not the greatest story writer, second of all people like enemas for different things, and third my enema eroticism is a little more subtle, but I wanted an enema story with more action, so I had someone else help write my first enema story. Go easy on me, but definitely give me some suggestions. I hope you enjoy my enema stories. . .

Zilda is a neighbor of Jeff’s. She’s a nurse at the local medical hospital where she also runs the museum area of the hospital. They have many old nurse uniforms from the past 100 years. She models them for him as a tease and he’s always had an eye on her. She’s a MILF with short blondish hair, thin waist and a nice fat tight ass and about 5ft 6inches in her nurse sneakers. Jeff heard erotic stories about hot women like Zilda. Stories about how she was into erotic fetishes, and sexual encounters.

Jeff was always trying to get some sex from Zilda but she just kept teasing him. One day while he was outside doing yard work she came out of her house from across the yard in a cute looking nurse’s outfit that looked like it came out of the 1950′s. The uniform was a short skirt above the knees complimented by one of those funky little nurse’s hats. She strolled over with a coy looking smile on her face that spoke trouble and told the boy she needed a hand cleaning out some junk in her back yard. Jeff glanced around and noticed that her yard was looking neat as always and immediately got the picture that she meant something seductive, maybe sex. He saw the flushed face Zilda had and knew then that something erotic was to be had. Zilda took notice and whirled around switching her big ass and leading Jeff into her house. There in the kitchen with it’s red walls and cliche’ red checkered table cloth, Zilda had set up over the sink a long enema tube with a large old fashioned enema bag hanging from the cloth hook attached to the cabinet. Zilda turned around and held up the rubber tube attached to the device whirling it around like a key chain saying coyly, ” Ever give someone an enema bad boy? “. Jeff almost froze, he’d had his share of kinky fetish things to do but giving a woman an enema was something new. ” Sure, well, no.” he replied, ” I like toying with fetishes, but this would be my first enema play, you’ll have to talk me through. “. Zilda smiled and said, ” No problem! It’s easy, but you have to keep your cool, I like my enema much harder than most, and I’ll be begging for mercy and moaning and groaning a lot but don’t panic, it’s part of my enema fetish and I’ll be climaxing when I evacuate! “. ” Evacuate? ” Mike asked. ” Yes, that’s when the hot soapy water you’ll inject into my rectum bursts out. I’ll be trying to hold it in as long as possible, I like to feel pain and punishment. “. Jeff started to squirm. He figured he’d go through anything to get on Zilda’s good side so he agreed and got ready. Zilda drew the hot water. She then had him fill two enema bags and then positioned herself over the sink on a chair with her head and face over the sink. Jeff hypnotically stared at the blue panties covering her big ass as he slowly peeled them off. Her big white ass cheeks looked delicious and she begged him to spank her like a little girl. “A good forced spanking is what I want! Punish me for being dirty!” Jeff was happy to oblige. He’d read and seen those erotic stories about such things and here he was doing it. He gave Zilda some good hard spanks that turned her plump butt cheeks red. Such fetishes are part of stories he read and videos he watched. Jeff was getting the idea fast. He now knew that girls like Zilda wanted a bit of punishment. An hard spanking followed by a warm enema and some hot sex. ” I’m a bad girl!” she exclaimed, ” I need a hot enema! Spank me! Punish me! Force me to take that hot enema! ” she continued to cry. Jeff grabbed one of the tip and using a wad of warm saliva, spit into her crinkled tight little asshole, Jeff began to insert the tube slowly into her anus. Inch after inch was inserted and Zilda wiggled and begged for her punishment. ” Now! ” she cried, ” Let that hot enema water seep into my bad girl butt! “. Jeff grabbed the bag and began to lift it higher as hot soapy water began to flow into Zilda’s bowels. When he was done Zilda wiggled so much the tube popped out and she began to moan and cry. ” This is how bad girls have fun and play! ” she moaned, ” I’m so full! I’m so full in my ass of enema water! ” she continued to cry out. Jeff stood by and watched and she begged him to spank her like in those erotic stories. Jeff spanked her reddened ass again. ” I’m a bad girl! ” she cried out. ” More liquid! ” she added, “Lift the next enema bag up!” Jeff couldn’t believe she could take that much in her anal cavity. He grabbed the other tube and this time it slipped right in although some enema water and soap bubbles began squirting out of her asshole. Jeff began to slowly pump the hot water into her rectum and she really began to scream. Jeff did it slowly and erotically as Zilda grimaced more and more and when he was done she started shaking the sink with heaves of pleasure. Small spritzes of enema juice were squirting from her ass and Jeff moved out of the way expecting her to have an expulsion or evacuation at any second. ” Washtub! ” she moaned, ” Washtub! “. Jeff reached behind the table and placed the washtub before the chair Zilda was kneeling in and she began to lower herself into it butt first. With a shriek and moan Zilda had an expulsion so powerful it shook the room. Hot soapy water gushed into the washtub and Zilda moaned and climaxed several times. Jeff couldn’t believe what he was seeing as steam and water came erupting from her now reddened anus. Zilda collapsed on the floor moaning and groaning in pleasure. Jeff realized this was the first step to a soon to be sex filled relationship with his hot neighbor Zilda! A woman who likes a good enema is ready for any kind of sexy action!



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On September 6th, 2008 at 3:22 pm, klyster3 said:

Great story and especially for your first effort. I wish I knew a Zilda

On January 23rd, 2009 at 8:13 pm, rudi said:

he should have fucked her in her ass when the water was still in and shoot into the water in her ass?
I had to masturbate when I red this story

On July 9th, 2009 at 12:09 am, Anon said:

I think it was good. Maybe he could stick a massive butt plug in her ass to stop the enema coming out

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