The Collector Enema Gallery


Blonde on Toliet expunging liquid
Enema fetish at its finest with a new great gallery from the collector. Not to be outdone from last galleries strong spekula enema sex and latex gallery , I come back stronger with an exclusive gallery with great pics from all different areas of The Collectors work . If you haven’t heard of the collector, he is an enema aficionado with a passion for the subtlety. A lot of these photos have rich tones in them with soft hues. His work represents the yin of the fetish similar to musical enthusiasts who prefer the almost tactile sound of the vinyl analog over the sharpness of digital recordings. I enjoy this enema fetish slant from time to time and know that my readers may have a taste for this type of anal fancy as well.

My favorite picture in the gallery is enema blowjob photo. Now you can tell that I am a enema yang enthusiast and love to see the sex and hardcore alongside the subtlety. I picture myself in that lucky fucks shoes and imagine receiving the pleasure of both worlds. All in all enjoy the gallery and hopefully you feel the same as I do with posting this new yin gallery against spekulas enema yang gallery. I love the enema contrast sitting side by side.



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